Andy Cadman(1966-Present)                                            
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo

Andy Cadman is the older brother of well-known silversmith Darrel Cadman and a half-brother of renowned smiths Gary and Sunshine Reeves. This group of artisans all learned much of their trade from David Reeves.  The Cadman brothers and the Reeves brothers, therefore, share a common element of apprenticeship and exhibit certain similarities in their work. Andy is a jovial big bear of a fellow and his friends and family call him “Ben.”

Andy began his career making beautiful stamped traditional jewelry at the age of 23. His work is highly prized for his use of gem grade natural turquoise set in sterling silver in distinctive world class designs.

Andy has perfected the art of silver and stone. His most popular works are made from heavy silver and stunning turquoise rocks. Andy Cadman has now been creating his hand-made Native American jewelry for over 25 years.