Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee

Bert SeabournBert Seabourn knew he wanted to be an artist when he was in the first grade. In the eighth grade, he sold his first cartoon to King Features Syndicate. While in high school, he would hop a freight train or hitchhike from Purcell to Oklahoma City to visit the Oklahoma Museum of Art. Seabourn joined the Navy during the Korean War. The Navy put him to work as an illustrator, although he lacked art training,

As Seabourn began to explore his Indian heritage & incorporate it in his art, he became best known for combining images of birds & animals with the face of an old wise medicine man, the keeper of the culture for all Indian tribes. Through his paintings, Seabourn endeavors to show the feelings and the compassion for a way of life which once was, but will never be again.

He studied art at Oklahoma City University, the University of Oklahoma and with the Famous Artists Correspondence Art School. After working at a variety of jobs, including journalist, publicity and advertising director, commercial artist, draftsman, free-lance artist & sculptor, Seabourn became a full-time painter working in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pen & ink, & prints. Seabourn has exhibited extensively winning numerous awards. He currently resides in Oklahoma City, OK.