Pueblo: Hopi Pueblo

Bobby SilasTim Edaakie and Bobby Silas specialize in recreating ancestral, prehistoric and historic Zuni Pottery. They collaborate in using the traditional methods from shape, form and design. Bobby and Tim begin by studying the ancestral sherds they find on hikes around the pueblo. They gather natural materials to use in making their clay, the white slip, and the natural paint colors of wild spinach and mustard. Generally, Bobby creates and fires the pottery, while Tim does the painting using a very tiny Yucca brush. Tim and Bobby use traditional outdoor firing, unless the weather makes it necessary to use a kiln for safety reasons.

Bobby said their main goal is to replicate wares from shape and form and design as accurately as possible in the traditional way so “the pottery of our ancestors will not be lost.” For about 7 years now we have been making Zuni and Hopi pottery in the traditional manner; our main focus is on preserving the pottery of the old ways.