Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo

Known as both a fetish carver and a jeweler, Ellen Quandelacy learned to carve from her father, Johnny Quam. Her sister, Annie Gasper Quam, was a well-known jeweler. Ellen had four daughters (Albenita, Faye, Sandra and Georgia) and six sons (Andres, Avery, Barlow, Dickie, Wilmer, and Stewart), most of whom are carvers or jewelers today.

Ellen was well-known for her jewelry, which featured  channel inlay work. Although created by her sister, Annie Quam Gasper,  Ellen  used the double hummingbird inlay design in many pieces of her jewelry. That family design is still used by her children today.

She made jewelry with her husband Dixie Quandelacy (1908-1979) for many years. Later turning to carving, she became known for horse fetishes carved in the old style, and her “grandmother” fetish necklace, a necklace that includes fetishes carved by multiple family members.