Pueblo: Laguna Pueblo

Hazel Siow Riley was married Roger Riley Sr. and lived in a house south of the old Laguna church, which is still there today. They had eight children.

Malaina Kelley, Hazel’s granddaughter, shared some  memories of her grandmother with me:

“While my mother worked for the tribal building, my grandmother would take care of me. I watched her make and paint her pottery. We could see the coming tourists out her window and she would send me out to see if they would like to buy any pottery. A selection of her pottery included $10 turtles to expensive pieces. I would come running back to her as she waited for me by the window. If I sold a piece pottery, she would reward me with 1 or 2 dollars, depending on the size of the sale. If no tourist was interested in purchasing something, we had a saying  “no luck–no bucks”. I have so many memories of her.”