(1942- Present)
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo

She is the grand-niece of Ancita Yazzie. During the summer months she and her husband move to Pine Springs for his job. But they live with her mother’s people at Ganado during the winter months, as is the custom for women and their husbands to live with the wife’s mother. Marie learned her weaving skills from her mother, but she perfected them under the expert instruction of her Aunt Ancita, with whom she spent several months each year. Marie’s rugs are beautifully and very skillfully woven in the traditional manner. Marie is of the Bitter Water Clan

Marie utilizes the fine shorter length wool from her sheep for her weaving. Using finely spun wool, she creates very high quality rugs with innovative artistry. Although she weaves several different designs, her favorites are the eyedazzlers.