Tribal Affiliation: Kiowa 

“…In my work I try to show the strength and character of our people, how we live now.  The feelings come from the heart and my work reflects my feelings of pride for my people.  I feel that I am recording history, one person’s view about who we are, the positive as well as the negative aspects of Indian culture… ” —Mirac Creepingbear

Born in Lawton, Oklahoma on September 8, 1947 to Rita Littlechief and Ted Creepingbear,  Mirac Creepingbear’s mother Rita Little Chief Creepingbear wanted to name him Miracle. When filling out the forms, Rita ran the letters over into the middle name block. The clerk recorded his name as Mirac Lee Creepingbear.

Creepingbear worked for an electric company until becoming a full-time painter and sculptor in 1974 working in oil, acrylics, watercolor, tempera, pencil, pen & ink, pastel, soapstone and prints.  He was nurtured by such traditional values as spirituality, community  and sharing, which are incorporated  Creepingbear’s style that is quick, fluid, and dramatic alludes to the spirit and a world chalked full of history and spiritual values.

Creepingbear was an undiagnosed diabetic, and in 1990 tragically went into a diabetic coma & passed away at the age of 43. His death left a profound mark on the lives of those who knew him and his art.  Mirac Creepingbear’s work can be found in many collections around the world.  In 1986, he was chosen by his tribe as one of the best living artists to portray the essence of Kiowa culture and history.