(1961- Present)
Pueblo: Taos Pueblo

Ned Archuleta of Taos Pueblo, sculpts elegant works in alabaster that are sensitive statements about day to day Tiwa life. His gracefully flowing sculptures reflect the symmetry of life and art between a man and his creative self.

Archuleta was born and raised at Taos Pueblo from where he draws his inspiration upon the traditions of Pueblo life to create his sculptors.

In 1980, at the age of 19, Archuleta was working construction in Santa Fe when he was exposed to his first example of Indian art. The experience ignited a passion in him and by the following year he was attempting his first alabaster pieces. Self taught, his work initially focused on Plains Indian themes, but as his technical skills developed and his personal idiom emerged, he began doing Pueblo style work.

Ned rarely opens up to talk, but when he is asked about his work he comes alive, speaking freely. He explains how the original shape of a raw piece of stone influences him in deciding what image the rock will eventually yield to his gifted hands.