(1969- Present)
Pueblo: Laguna Pueblo

Stacey CarrStacey attended The University of New Mexico, majoring in biology.  He still lives in the Laguna area. He learned the art of pottery making from his ex-wife and her parents. It was from them he learned to find the clay which would make good pottery. He learned how to soak, grind, and knead the clay before ever beginning to create a piece of pottery.

Although most Laguna potters use the traditional grey clay mined in and around the pueblo, Stacey prefers to use the non-traditional red clay for his pottery. “It is much more challenging to work with, I like the deep intense color.”  He usually chooses to paint his red clay pottery with black paint (handmade from wild spinach) which creates a beautiful contrast against the red.

Stacey shared one of the reasons he like to make this beautiful, but difficult pottery. “The beauty is in the pottery itself. I love making it, and I love the art. It is art of the highest quality.”

This is a link to a short video where Stacey explains and demonstrates pottery making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWD0YsaiJ3M.