Pueblo: Santa Clara Pueblo

Teresita NaranjoTeresita Tafoya Naranjo —Apple Blossom – Bay-Po-Vi has been acknowledged as one of the finest 20th century potters at Santa Clara Pueblo.  She was born in 1919 and passed away on January 2, 1999 at her home at Santa Clara Pueblo.  Her unexpected death was a loss to all pottery collectors.

Teresita Tafoya Naranjo was the daughter of Victor and Christina Naranjo and wife of Joe Naranjo, mother to Stella Tafoya Chavarria, niece to Margaret Tafoya, and the granddaughter of Sara Fina Tafoya and Denise Chavarria. After her husband’s passing in 1950, she supported her family solely through sales of her pottery.  She was a master potter-one of the finest of the pueblo and was active from 1935 to 1999.  She was known for her intricately carved blackware and redware in the Santa Clara style.

Adapted from Pueblo Indian Pottery: 750 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaff.