Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo

Annie Quam Gasper and Ellen Quandelacy were sisters from Zuni Pueblo. Both were born in the 1920s and died in the early 2000s. They were known to collaborate on jewelry, but they specialized in very distinct styles.

Annie preferred to work on channel inlay in a hummingbird design she created.  Ellen preferred to work on fetish necklaces, but also excelled in channel inlay. Although their styles were similar, Annie credited another well-known artist, Horace Iule, with teaching her the basics of making jewelry and Ellen credited their father, Johnny Quam.

Annie Gasper made bracelets, link chains, earrings, necklaces, pendants, pins, rings, squash blossom necklaces, wedding bands, fetish necklaces. Annie’s favorite designs were the hummingbird, deer, Sun face and the peacock.

 Her jewelry and fetish carvings have won many prestigious awards. Annie Gasper’s jewelry and carvings are collected worldwide. Her children, Lynn and Rhoda, are noted artists as well.


  • Hi, I have a silver sand cast dome ring channel turquoise and red coral. The design is of what Annie Quan Gasper created but there is know mark on it, I was told it was from the 1950s. Do you know if annie always marked her rings. The design is that of the two hummingbirds with the red eye in the middle and yes I love the ring it fits perfectly on my ring finger.

    • Thank you for contacting The Dancing Rabbit Gallery with your question.
      Annie did not always sign her jewelry. It was not the practice in the early days to include a hallmark on pieces of jewelry. Hallmarks became prevalent during the 1960s and after.
      Your ring sounds beautiful— enjoy wearing it!


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