Welcome to The Dancing Rabbit Gallery.  I hope you have a wonderful time in the Gallery, and that you will tell your friends and also come back often.

You can read a bit about me in the About Me section.  My parents started me on the path to a lifelong love and appreciation for Native American Art with many trips to New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and other places, where I learned some of the stories that the Native Americans had to tell.

Art is an expression of storytelling, and I have found that the more one knows and understands about the artist, the people, and the culture surrounding the art, the more expressive the storytelling becomes.  If one knows the story of Romeo and Juliet, for example, then the opera becomes more than just nice songs.

So my challenge is to bring you some of the art of the Native Americans and to relate some of the stories behind the art.  My blogs will capture some of my adventures in the pueblos, talking to current artists and gaining a better understanding of not only their craft, but also their personalities.  I will also write about artists who have already passed, trying to bring to life the stories that they told.  Sometimes the information is biographical, and sometimes it is stories that were passed down through my family.

The Gallery will be constantly changing and evolving, as new stories are added and new treasures are uncovered.  Pottery, prints and paintings, jewelry, textiles, artifacts, and other items will be included.  Some are available for purchase, but others are part of the permanent Gallery collection and are too precious to me.

So come join me on this journey through the world of Native American culture and storytelling.  I will try very hard to have new items up on the site on a regular basis, and will also post blogs as frequently as I can.  Thank you for your time, and if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to email.  I would love to hear from you.


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