It is always a wonderful experience when a gallery owner and staff spend time with me, not only sharing the marvelous items they have in the gallery, but also helping me to learn more about my passion, Native American art.  I had that opportunity recently with Al Anthony Jr., the owner of Adobe Gallery in Santa Fe.  He, Scott, and Todd spent hours chatting with me about different pots and artists.

For a while, I have been seeking just the right pot from the Zia Pueblo.  Al and Scott steered me toward a magnificent piece by Eusebia Toribio Shije, an award-winning potter who has been winning awards at the Santa Fe Indian Market since the early 1980’s.

Al, about to reach his prime at 81, embodies a passion for the beautiful art created by the pueblo people and an appreciation for their lifestyle. He “encourages people to appreciate the nuances of a historic piece of pottery. Smell the clay, feel the shape of the vessel, take in the beauty of the design, and lastly, overlook the scratches and chips of decades of life of the piece.”

Adobe Gallery has a wonderful website at, but if you are ever in Santa Fe, stop by the gallery at 221 Canyon Road for a real treat.  Take your time and just breathe in the ambiance of the gallery, and enjoy your conversations with the guys there.

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