The Zuni pueblo is located in southwest New Mexico, about an hour south of Gallup.  Residents here claim (along with the Taos pueblo) to be the longest inhabited pueblo.  I won’t get into that discussion; let’s just say that both pueblos have been continuously inhabited for about 10 centuries and let it go at that.

When you get to Zuni, stop at the Visitor Center and register.  They have a nice exhibit of Zuni artifacts, and have a number of informative brochures.  That is also where you sign up for the Zuni pueblo tour, a guided tour of the pueblo and Zuni Mission.

Our tour guide took us into the Zuni Mission, and we had a chance to see the incredible murals painted on both inside side walls.  The murals are of Zuni dancers representing different aspects of the Zuni culture.  It is also an interesting juxtaposition of the Zuni culture and the Spanish Catholic culture in the mission.  Many of the Zuni and Acoma pueblo members have returned to their ancient religious beliefs, unlike many of the other pueblos which still retain the Spanish Catholic faith and traditions.

The Pueblo held their Main Street Festival in May, and just finished the Cultural Arts Expo last week (August 8-10, 2014). Many beautiful pieces of jewelry, lovely fetishes and gorgeous pottery were available for viewing and purchasing. I was not able to be there this year—but I will be next year!

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