English Pronunciation: “San-ta Ah-na”
Traditional Name: TAMAYA

The location of the original Santa Ana Pueblo is unknown, for all the members of the community either left or were killed during the Pueblo Revolt of 1680.  After the re-conquest of the New Mexico territory by the Spanish in 1692-1694, the place known as Tamaya or the Old Santa Ana Pueblo was founded about eight miles northwest of Bernalillo.

The people of the Pueblo usually maintain two places of residence, one a farming community along the Rio Grande and the other a traditional home on the north bank of the Jemez River.

Farming was the original occupation of the men of the Pueblo. Today, many of the people of the Pueblo work in the nearby cities.  Most of the population, about six-hundred-sixty-eight people, return to the Old Pueblo for the traditional ceremonies and festivals.  Like many other Indian people, the Santa Ana craftsmen began to revive their ancient arts during the 1970’s when widespread interest in Indian art furnished the necessary stimulant.

Pottery is one of their best products, as well as many fine woven articles, such as belts and headbands.  They have an excellent sales outlet, the TA-MA-YA Cooperative Association, which handles their handicraft, as well as food.