Tribal Affiliation: Navajo

Although Teddy is best known for his works in pastels, in recent years Teddy has begun making beautiful jewelry. He creates finely crafted sterling silver jewelry inset with precious gems and high-quality turquoise from world renowned domestic mines such as Carico Lake, Castle Dome, Cerrillos, Bisbee and Morenci. His jewelry, like his paintings, is highly sought after by collectors and jewelry lovers alike.

Teddy Draper, Jr. is the son of a former United States Marine Corps Navajo Code-talker who had served in the South Pacific during World War II. He is a member of the Navajo Nation and calls Canyon De Chelly (Tséyiʼ, meaning “canyon” or “inside the rock”) and Canyon Del Muerto “home.”

In recent years Draper has begun conducting artist’s workshops and seminars teaching others his unique techniques in jewelry making and painting.