Birthdays are a fun time to celebrate. In recognition of the Native American artists in our Gallery, we are going to celebrate their birthdays with a special treat. On the day before and the day of their birthday, everything in our Gallery by that artist will have a special 20% price reduction. These birthdays will be posted on our Facebook page, so if you have a favorite artist, or are just curious about the spectacular breadth and depth of Native American artistry, stay tuned!

Our first artist birthday is David Dawangyumptewa, one of my favorite people in the world. His birthday is October 17, so on October 16 and October 17, all of his works in the Gallery are 20% off the regular price. Of course, that still includes free shipping and insurance. A Hopi painter, David produces stylized images of life throughout the Hopi Nation. His inner peace and gentle nature come through in his paintings, and always leave me happy when I sit and look at them.