To help celebrate The Dancing Rabbit Gallery’s 40th birthday in 2020, we have created a special birthday celebration page on our website. This page has a lot of fun items on it, and we encourage each of you to stop by and visit. The birthday celebration page is Or, just click on the 40th birthday logo on our home page and it will take you right there.

First and foremost, during the 40 days prior to our official birthday on May 20, 2020, we will be holding an event called the 40 Days of Giveaways. Each day, we will give away an item from our Gallery to a lucky winner, drawn at random from the registered contestants. The items range from jewelry to pottery to Zuni carvings to all sorts of other things.

How do you register? There are two ways. One is to become a member of our Stay In The Know club, which is FREE and gives you special Sneak Peek discounts, monthly newsletters, and other insider advantages. You can do this on our Dancing Rabbit Gallery home page. Every member automatically gets a giveaway entry.

The second way is to enter the contest from the birthday celebration page. Each day, beginning on April 10, we will have a drawing for a free giveaway. On the last day, May 20, we will have a GRAND PRIZE drawing.

We also have a Guest Registry, for those wishing to leave comments about their experiences with The Dancing Rabbit Gallery. Please take a minute and leave us a comment, or maybe even wish us Happy Birthday.

Another item is the Did You Know section, which each day will feature another informative tidbit about Native American culture, about the Rabbit, or just things we find interesting.

As we continue with the development of this landing page, we will work hard to include other items to help celebrate this birthday. Our privacy policy for The Dancing Rabbit website applies to this landing page, and we will NEVER sell or disclose any information you give us except for a listing of winners (first name, last name initial only, city or state).

So come visit, browse a while, and share this special birthday landing page with your friends. Let’s get this party started!  #trustintherabbit


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