Tribal Affiliation: Navajo

The style that Lyle creates can be best described as handmade stamped, traditional and contemporary, Navajo sterling silver jewelry. The designs are typical of the geometric designs you will see on Navajo Rugs. The feeling is contemporary, yet the designs are ancient.  One can see mountains, water, and eagle feathers in the stamping.

Lyle Secatero has worked hard to honor his family tradition of jewelry making. He comes from a family of silversmiths. He is the great-grandson of Henry Morgan, maternal grandson of Marie & Jim Thompson, son of Dorothy & Ray Secatero and brother of Randy Secatero.

Like many Native artists, Lyle started experimenting with jewelry making as a child. He has many fond memories of sitting alongside his father, silently watching and learning. Throughout the years, Lyle found his own voice in his artwork, while maintaining the family’s traditional style. He has been able to mold traditional and contemporary styles into his unique trademark style.

Family has been the cornerstone of Lyle’s life. While beginning his career, he raised his three children. Many art shows were spent chasing around his babies, and he is hardly seen without one of them at his side. Teaching his family the importance of working with one’s own hands, and the understanding the Navajo culture has pushed Lyle into a deeper understanding of the significance of his work. His passion goes beyond making jewelry. His passion is to, one day to be able to be an advocate for the Native community in reducing exploitation in the jewelry business.

Being designated as “Who to Know Right Now” by Native American Art Magazine in 2018, has brought Lyle’s jewelry to the attention of many collectors, who are eager to own a piece of jewelry by this very talented artist.