(?-Present)                           Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo

Sandra Quandelacy is noted for her beautiful Zuni fetish Corn Maiden carvings… both as table fetishes and necklaces.  Sandra is the sister of Faye Quandelacy’s and Kateri Sanchez’s aunt.  Sandra started carving as a child and then turned to jewelry making as an adult.

Learning from her mother, Ellen and father, she produced raised channel inlay work in the Quandelacy family style, often using the double hummingbird design that her mother originated. More recently, Sandra has returned to fetish carving, specializing in the corn maiden fetish, a form that her sister Faye created.  Zuni Corn Maiden carvings are collected worldwide.  Sandra achieves consistent fine quality in the detail work on her maidens through the soft, free-flowing lines she obtains with the minimal amount of change to the object stone This soft flow of form is one of the most notable attributes of her carvings.