The time is drawing near to close the doors, and I wanted to give each of you a heartfelt thank you for all of your support of me and The Dancing Rabbit Gallery over the years. It has been an exciting major part of my life, and I have learned a tremendous amount about Native American culture, art, artists, and life in general through this process.

When we made the decision to close the Gallery after 42 years of operation, I felt a bit like I was abandoning my family’s hard work and legacy. Yes, there were tears, but we still think it is the right decision to make. The last two years have been record-setting for us, and it is always nice to go out on the top of your game. After the tears subsided, sunshine started to emerge from the clouds and I feel like I can step away with a happy heart and peaceful mind.

Having said that, we will remain involved, as this has become a part of my life. In particular, our support for MIAC, SAR, IAIA, and Adopt A Native Elder will remain as strong as we can manage. We are also hopeful of retaining the long relationships we have with Native American artists and their families, gallery owners, and Native American supporters like you.

Blessings to all of you!

Katie, Michael, and Tanner the fluffy puppy

Jo and Pat McClain, my parents
Maggie McClain Pryor and Jamie McClain, siblings and Board members
Tanner the fluffy puppy
Katie and Michael