Dancing Rabbit Birthday Celebration Page

To help celebrate The Dancing Rabbit Gallery’s 40th birthday in 2020, we have created a special birthday celebration page on our website. This page has a lot of fun items on it, and we encourage each of you to stop by and visit. The birthday celebration page is thedancingrabbitgallery.com/celebrate. Or, just click on the 40th … Read More

Jeff DeMent

(?-present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Jeff DeMent is from the Dine’ (Navajo), Bit’ahnii Clan. He is the oldest son of George and Grace DeMent and grandson of Georgina Cohoe’ of Two Grey Hills, New Mexico. His life has come full circle, from innocent childhood to military combat, death, destruction and violence, and now an opportunity to [...]

The Corn Maiden and The Eagle

In the old days, Native Americans would occasionally find items that reminded them of the natural environment in which they lived.  It might be a stone shaped like a frog, or a shell shaped like a butterfly.  Because the Native Americans were so closely tied to their environment, they imbued these special artifacts, called fetishes, … Read More

The Year of The Dancing Rabbit

Beginning in January, The Dancing Rabbit Gallery is holding a year-long celebration. We are calling this celebration the Year of The Dancing Rabbit, and we will have a lot of events and activities during the year for this celebration. But why are we celebrating? Well, it is a big round-number birthday for our Gallery, and … Read More

Parable of An Archery Contest

The village was located in a sparse region, but the people were very content with their lives. They existed in harmony with the lands and animals around them, and enjoyed the friendship of other nearby villages. Every spring, the village held an archery contest. Ten special arrows were made for the archers. The village had [...]

Revisiting Acoma Pueblo – Through Fresh Eyes

Acoma Pueblo is located at the top of a fairly steep mesa, and the Acoma peoples settled there over a thousand years ago for safety and protection from other more warlike peoples in the area. They built their adobe homes, and each day they would climb down the face of the mesa to farm in … Read More

Albuquerque Reprise – Through Fresh Eyes

By many measures, Albuquerque is a small town. With a population of about a million, it is the largest city in New Mexico, and has about a quarter of the State’s entire population. But even though it is small, there are many, many activities and events and places that appeal to tourists and residents alike. … Read More

Celebrating Arrival Anniversaries

From the dawn of time, humans have celebrated the arrival of new infants as a blessing on the household, and a life of potential to be treasured. There are many ceremonies that are associated with this arrival, such as the pueblo Native Americans use of a naming bowl when the child receives his or her … Read More

Diné Elegance Part 2 – Pottery and Jewelry

In our last blog, we looked at the Diné textiles and fine art as two categories of their artistic expression.  Another area for which the Diné are known is pottery. Having said that, there is often a distinct difference in the pottery produced by the Diné and that produced by the neighboring New Mexico pueblos. … Read More

Exploring the Navajo Nation, Part 1

This month, we are celebrating the rich legacy of the Navajo Nation. The two-part blog examines the different forms of art produced by this remarkably talented group of people. The art reflects their environment and culture, as most art does. Because of the dramatic landscapes and detailed cultural history, we find artists from the Navajo … Read More

Celebrate Native American Artists’ Birthdays With The Rabbit

Birthdays are a fun time to celebrate. In recognition of the Native American artists in our Gallery, we are going to celebrate their birthdays with a special treat. On the day before and the day of their birthday, everything in our Gallery by that artist will have a special 20% price reduction. These birthdays will … Read More

Indigenous Peoples Day Celebration

Around the United States, there is an emerging movement to celebrate the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day. It was started in South Dakota in 1998, reflecting to some degree the increasing Native American activism that has taken place over the past fifty years. Since then, a long list of cities, counties, and … Read More

Steve Wikviya LaRance

(1958-present) Hopi Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Steve Wikviya LaRance was raised in the Hopi Village of Moencopi. His grandfather, a religious leader from Hotevilla, was a major influence on his life. At Hopi he learned the traditional arts of carving katsina dolls, making bows and arrows and working with silver. His first piece of jewelry [...]

Art Tafoya

(1954-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Yaqui Few silversmiths match the power and artistry of Art Tafoya. He specializes in silver. Hammered silver. The old way. Art Tafoya carries on that tradition of the early masters, for he makes his own stamps and dies. Art’s clear and crisp stamp work speaks of skill and talent born of that [...]