Althea Cajero

 (1964-Present) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo and Kewa Pueblo Althea Cajero designs and makes elegant jewelry which can be worn as every day pieces as well as for special occasions. In 2013, Althea Cajero and her husband Joe Cajero were named Living Treasures by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, a great honor for any artist, [...]

Barbara and Joseph Cerno

(1951/1947 – Present) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Barbara and Joseph are a husband and wife team of award winning potters. Initially they began making pottery together with small seed pots, and later began creating large magnificent ollas and jars. In 1971 they won the first of their long list of awards and ribbons – 1st Prize [...]

Carmel Lewis

(1947-2019) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Carmel Lewis  is one of the daughters of the late world renowned, Lucy M. Lewis.  Lucy Lewis had seven daughters and two sons, and Carmel was the youngest. Some collectors know her by her married name, Carmel Lewis Haskaya. Her mother was Carmel’s biggest inspiration for learning the ancient traditional methods [...]

Dolores Lewis-Garcia

(1938-2019) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo "The old techniques of my ancestors have motivated me even more so to become a part of this tradition. By doing so, I too try different techniques. My grandmother and those before her were strong in keeping the spirit and tradition alive.... It makes me feel good—a part of our ancestors—to [...]

Emma Lewis

(1931-2013) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Emma Lewis Mitchell was the daughter of perhaps the most famous of all the Acoma potters- Lucy M. Lewis of Acoma Pueblo. Emma, along with her sisters (Ann Lewis Hansen, Mary Lewis Garcia, Dolores Lewis Garcia and Carmel Lewis Haskaya), learned the art of pottery making from her mother. All daughters [...]

Emmalita Chino

(1931- Unknown) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Emmalita Chino  was inspired by her mother-in-law, Marie Z. Chino, to learn the art of pottery making. Marie taught Emmalita all the fundamentals of traditional pottery making, also sharing special techniques which Emmalita then applied to her own pottery, improving by trial and error. Emmalita specializes in handmade traditional pottery. [...]

Evelyn Ortiz

(1938-Unknown) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo As a child Evelyn Ortiz learned to make pottery by helping her mother and has passed the knowledge along to her daughter, Judy. Using centuries old designs, Evelyn Ortiz creates pots decorated with exquisite and delicate designs and motifs: stylized clouds, geometric lines, indicating rain and other weather conditions, as well [...]

Franklin Peters

(1978-Present) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Franklin Peters was born into the Sky Clan (Huwaka) and raised in the Acoma Pueblo.  He is an accomplished potter and is well known for his traditional fine line designs, as well as his parrot designs. He was taught by his mother, Ella Peters, who he counts as his greatest inspiration. [...]

Lucy Lewis

(c.1898-1992) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Lucy Martin Lewis is known for her black-on-white decorative ceramics made using traditional techniques. Lewis began making pottery at age eight, after studying with her great aunt. She spent nearly all her life atop the high mesa of Acoma never attending school or learning to speak English. She is credited with [...]

Marie Z. Chino

(1907–1982) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Marie Zieu Chino  was a Native American potter from Acoma Pueblo, and recognized as one of the three most important Acoma potters during the 1950s. The inspirations for many designs used on her pottery were found on old potsherds gathered to use for temper which led to the revival of ancient [...]

Mary Lowden

(1941-present) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Mary Lowden creates beautiful polychrome jars, bowls, canteens, figures, and miniatures. She is the granddaughter-in-law of Lupe Chavez; sister-in-law of Virginia Lowden. Adapted from: Southern Pueblo Pottery: 2,000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

Rose Chino

(1928-2000) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo "Grinding the clay is the hardest part. It's stone really, and then breaking up the old shards for temper. It has to be right, or the clay collapses--too soft, or stiffens--too hard"—Rose Chino Garcia, Acoma potter Rose was one of the daughters of famed Acoma potter Marie Z. Chino who taught [...]

Ruth Paisano

(Unknown-Present) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Ruth B. Paisano is the daughter of Frances Pino Torivio, and has been active in making beautiful fine lined pottery from the 1980's forward.  She has participated at Santa Fe's Indian Market beginning in 1985 and for several years hence.  (excerpted from Southwest Pueblo Potter: 2000 Artist Biographies by Gregory Schaaf.

Tony Garcia

(1962-2011) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Tony Garcia was born on February 2, 1962 and passed away on Friday, June 10, 2011. He was a resident of Pueblo of Acoma, New Mexico. Garcia specialized in Bear Claw design hand carved contemporary pottery. “The four claws represent the four sacred directions. Reversed the claws also represent feathers. In [...]