Aaron Toadlena

 (1958-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Known primarily for his uniquely styled traditional bracelets, Aaron is a very accomplished silversmith and jewelry artist who can create almost anything. He enjoys making traditional jewelry the old-fashioned way - doing everything by hand. Keeping in mind the rich cultural influences of his people, Aaron brings to life the true [...]

Abraham Begay

(1953-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Abraham Begay, born in Ganado, Arizona, has been active in making traditional and contemporary jewelry since 1976. He grew up attending reservation boarding schools, after which he attend Phoenix College. Abraham grew up in a family of silversmiths and credits his family with sparking his interests to learn silversmithing. He is [...]

Afonso Penketewa

(?-Present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo There is no information about this artist available. Research is on going.

Al Runner Lasiloo

(?-Present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Al "Runner" Lasiloo began carving fetishes in the 1980s. Although his carvings are generally not as detailed as some, Lasiloo uses this relative simplicity to emphasize the properties of the stone he has chosen to carve. Labradorite is his favorite stone to carve and the bear is his favorite animal. Lasiloo [...]

Alan E. Lasiloo

(1969-present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Born at Zuni Pueblo, Alan E. Lasiloo moved to Santa Fe to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts.  He took pottery classes there, learning to work with the shiny micaceous clay of Northern New Mexico honing his skills in those class sessions.  He continued his education at the American College [...]

Alfred Aguilar

(1933-Present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Alfred Aguilar, potter and painter, is the son of Rosalie and José Aguilar, famous potters of the past.  He is best known for his pottery buffalo figurines and pottery nacimientos sets, although he also makes the traditional black and red ware known to San Ildefonzo.  After serving in the Air [...]

Alice Cling

(1946 -Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Born at Cow Springs on the Navajo reservation, Alice Cling adheres to the traditional pottery making methods shared by several of the pueblos. She digs local clay, treats it with water to remove impurities, and then mixes it with a tempering agent to make it strong. For the Navajo, tempering [...]

Althea Cajero

 (1964-Present) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo and Kewa Pueblo Althea Cajero designs and makes elegant jewelry which can be worn as every day pieces as well as for special occasions. In 2013, Althea Cajero and her husband Joe Cajero were named Living Treasures by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, a great honor for any artist, [...]

Alvin Baca

(1966-Present) Pueblo: Santa Clara Pueblo Hand thrown traditional pottery is Alvin Baca’s specialty. He learned to make beautiful melon shaped pottery from his mother, acclaimed potter Angela Baca and his grandmother, Severa Tafoya. He began making pottery while a teenager in the early 1980s.  While his mother's melon pots are usually low and wide, Alvin's [...]

Alvin Yellowhorse

(1968-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo "As a young boy, I remember helping my father set up a table of jewelry along the roadside of old Route 66 located near the Arizona and New Mexico borders in Lupton, Arizona.   It was in these earlier days of my life that I was inspired by my father to undertake [...]

Amado Pena

(1943-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Yaqui       Amado Maurilio Peña, Jr. was born in Laredo, Texas in 1943.  He studied art and education at Texas A & I (now Texas A & M Kingsville), where he received his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees.  Art is his first love, and he has been a successful professional artist for more [...]

Ancita Yazzie

(1912- ?) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Ancita Yazzie was born of the Bitter Water Clan around the Pine Springs Area. She wove with great pride and with careful attention to every detail. All of her rugs are reputed to have a very tight weave, especially her large ones. She believed that the feelings she put into [...]