Jan Tenorio

(?-Present) Pueblo: Kewa (Santo Domingo) Making heishi is her family’s tradition, and Jan began learning the art as a child. Learning to create heishi from stones and shells is a good memory, because she enjoyed the fact that her whole family sat around the table working together. As Jan’s skills grew at making heishi, she … Read More

Stetson Setalla

(1962 - present) Tribal Affiliation: Hopi "Good thoughts and a good heart are essential in working with your clay because you are creating yourself in each pot as you coil and when you are ready to paint the pot, a clear mind and good heart is crucial in assisting you with your painting because the designs [...]

Nathan Hart

(?-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Cheyenne Nathan Hart is a contemporary Cheyenne artist from Oklahoma. His primary artistic focus is creating wood vessels. The vessels are hollow-form pieces that beautifully highlight the natural elegance of the wood. Hart uses different types of wood including (but not limited to) Maple, Ash, Walnut, Birch, and Pine. He is especially [...]

Sandra Quandelacy

(?-Present)                           Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Sandra Quandelacy is noted for her beautiful Zuni fetish Corn Maiden carvings… both as table fetishes and necklaces.  Sandra is the sister of Faye Quandelacy’s and Kateri Sanchez’s aunt.  Sandra started carving as a child and then turned to jewelry making as an adult. Learning from her mother, Ellen and father, [...]

Lyle Secatero

(1988-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo The style that Lyle creates can be best described as handmade stamped, traditional and contemporary, Navajo sterling silver jewelry. The designs are typical of the geometric designs you will see on Navajo Rugs. The feeling is contemporary, yet the designs are ancient.  One can see mountains, water, and eagle feathers in [...]

Troy Sice

(?-present) Affiliation: Zuni Pueblo Fetish carver Troy Sice reaches back to a prehistoric Zuni Pueblo tradition in the use of antler and different stone mediums for creating animal and human forms. Troy's works include sitting and standing bears, frogs, badgers, and corn maidens. Recently he has added unique singing and dancing bears, in addition to [...]

Jeff DeMent

(?-present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Jeff DeMent is from the Dine’ (Navajo), Bit’ahnii Clan. He is the oldest son of George and Grace DeMent and grandson of Georgina Cohoe’ of Two Grey Hills, New Mexico. His life has come full circle, from innocent childhood to military combat, death, destruction and violence, and now an opportunity to [...]

Steve Wikviya LaRance

(1958-present) Hopi Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Steve Wikviya LaRance was raised in the Hopi Village of Moencopi. His grandfather, a religious leader from Hotevilla, was a major influence on his life. At Hopi he learned the traditional arts of carving katsina dolls, making bows and arrows and working with silver. His first piece of jewelry [...]

Elizabeth Medina

(1956-Present) Pueblo: Zia Pueblo Elizabeth Medina, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Toya, could possibly be listed as a potter from Jemez Pueblo, because that is where she was born and raised.  She married Marcellus Medina of Zia Pueblo in 1978, and moved to Zia Pueblo.  When she moved to her husband's pueblo, she abandoned her [...]

Art Tafoya

(1954-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Yaqui Few silversmiths match the power and artistry of Art Tafoya. He specializes in silver. Hammered silver. The old way. Art Tafoya carries on that tradition of the early masters, for he makes his own stamps and dies. Art’s clear and crisp stamp work speaks of skill and talent born of that [...]

Jeanette Dale

(1949-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Jeanette Dale is a contemporary Navajo silversmith of the Red House Clan. She learned silversmithing from her mother. Since beginning to create beautiful jewelry in 1970, she has developed a traditional style all of her own. Jeanette Dale is best known for her beautiful coral and turquoise bracelets. She shared her [...]

Robert Manygoats

(?-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Robert was raised in Cow Springs, Arizona, on the Navajo Nation in the northwestern portion of Arizona. As he grew up, his parents educated him in the traditional culture and prayers of the Navajo. Parents and grandparents, alike, offer the knowledge to understand ceremonies and prayers. As a young Navajo in … Read More

Dan Vallo

(1966-Present) Pueblo: Acoma Dan Vallo spent his younger years living on the reservation in Acomita, and there he watched his grandmother, Helen R. Vallo make pottery. Dan also spent some time hunting with his great uncle Clyde, Chief Sunny Skies, who was a well-known silversmith. “This is where I get my artistic inspiration”. Dan now [...]

Tim Yazzie

(1968-Present)  Tribal Affiliation: Navajo and San Felipe Pueblo Tim Yazzie was raised in the San Felipe Pueblo in New Mexico. His grandparents were pueblo pottery makers, rug makers and jewelers. Tim’s grandfather was a traditionalist, and a deeply spiritual man. Tim learned valuable things from him about his life and ceremonial events. As a youth, [...]

Cliff Fragua

(1955-current) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo Cliff Fragua is a Jemez Pueblo sculptor and stone carver. He is the only Native American sculptor to have a work installed in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol:  Po'Pay Statue Commissioned by State of New Mexico for U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall, 2000. Cliff comes from a family of [...]