Alan E. Lasiloo

(1969-present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Born at Zuni Pueblo, Alan E. Lasiloo moved to Santa Fe to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts.  He took pottery classes there, learning to work with the shiny micaceous clay of Northern New Mexico honing his skills in those class sessions.  He continued his education at the American College [...]

Alfred Aguilar

(1933-Present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Alfred Aguilar, potter and painter, is the son of Rosalie and José Aguilar, famous potters of the past.  He is best known for his pottery buffalo figurines and pottery nacimientos sets, although he also makes the traditional black and red ware known to San Ildefonzo.  After serving in the Air [...]

Alice Cling

(1946 -Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Born at Cow Springs on the Navajo reservation, Alice Cling adheres to the traditional pottery making methods shared by several of the pueblos. She digs local clay, treats it with water to remove impurities, and then mixes it with a tempering agent to make it strong. For the Navajo, tempering [...]

Alvin Baca

(1966-Present) Pueblo: Santa Clara Pueblo Hand thrown traditional pottery is Alvin Baca’s specialty. He learned to make beautiful melon shaped pottery from his mother, acclaimed potter Angela Baca and his grandmother, Severa Tafoya. He began making pottery while a teenager in the early 1980s.  While his mother's melon pots are usually low and wide, Alvin's [...]

Anderson Jamie Peynetsa

(1997-Present)                                                                          Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Anderson Jamie Peynetsa is the son of acclaimed potters Anderson Peynetsa and Avelia Peynetsa. Among his aunts are Priscilla Peynetsa and Agnes Peynetsa, also well-known Zuni potters. Jamie is an up and coming young potter who says his inspiration to make pottery comes from watching his father make pottery.

Angie Yazzie

(1965-Present) Pueblo: Taos Pueblo Angie Yazzie is known for her egg-shell thin pieces with beautiful shapes, which are among the best micaceous pottery being made today.  Micaceous pottery has a special glow due to the mica that naturally occurs in the Northern New Mexico clay.  Mica helps hold liquids when clay vessels are used for [...]

Barbara and Joseph Cerno

(1951/1947 – Present) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo Barbara and Joseph are a husband and wife team of award winning potters. Initially they began making pottery together with small seed pots, and later began creating large magnificent ollas and jars. In 1971 they won the first of their long list of awards and ribbons – 1st Prize [...]

Barbara Gonzales

(1947-present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Barbara Gonzales, Tahn Moo Whe, from San Ildefonso Pueblo is an excellent potter and an extension of her famous great-grandmother, Maria Martinez, and her grandparents, Adam and Santana Martinez. Her mother, Anita Martinez, was also a potter. Drawing on the traditions of her family, she expanded this tradition by personalizing [...]

Betty Manygoats

(1945-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo Betty's art is well known to exhibitors; she has been published; and she is an award winning pottery maker, yet in contrast she leads a simple life in the remote reaches of the Navajo reservation. She rarely attends art shows, she doesn't speak English, and the most important reason to her [...]

Bobby Silas

(1987-Present) Pueblo: Hopi Pueblo Tim Edaakie and Bobby Silas specialize in recreating ancestral, prehistoric and historic Zuni Pottery. They collaborate in using the traditional methods from shape, form and design. Bobby and Tim begin by studying the ancestral sherds they find on hikes around the pueblo. They gather natural materials to use in making their [...]

Carlos Sunrise Dunlap, Jr.

(1958-1981)                                                  Pueblo: San Ildefonso Pueblo Carlos Dunlap, Jr. was the son of Carmelita Dunlap, a niece of Maria Martinez and a very noted potter from San Ildefonso. Carlos soaring career was tragically cut short by his death in 1981 from an auto accident.  He began is pottery career at a very early age painting [...]

Caroline Carpio

(1962-Present) Pueblo: Isleta Pueblo “Living in a dry environment, and as a reflection of what is important to my culture, most of my art work incorporates water depictions such as rain and cloud designs, cattails, and dragonflies. The style is simple, at times just a simple strand of turquoise that is inlaid into the pottery.” [...]

Carolyn Bernard Young

(1951-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw Carolyn Bernard Young was not a born a potter. She did not appear on earth throwing clay and carving animal figures and totems. Her life and her art were formed by her experiences. I am an enrolled member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and a registered Choctaw artist. My work … Read More

Celestina Naranjo

(c.1912-c.1996) Pueblo: Santa Clara Pueblo Celestina Naranjo is the daughter of Pasqualita Tafoya and the wife of Salvador Naranjo. Celestina is known for her redware and polychromes, as well as blackware.  Celestina's birth date is in question—somewhere between 1912 and 1925. She has exhibited at Santa Fe Indian Market and Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts [...]