Brian Yatsattie

(1971- Present)                                                       Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Brian comes from a family of jewelry artisans. His mother, Janta Yatsattie, was known for her petit-point jewelry. He began his artistic career as a painter.  In 1989 Brian began carving because "it looked like fun." In 1992 he moved to San Felipe Pueblo and is now teaching others [...]

Neal David, Sr.

(1944- Present) Tribal Affiliation: Hopi                                                                                                                                                                        Neil David Sr. was born in 1944 at Tewa Village (Hano) atop First Mesa. He has been an active carver since the 1950s. He resides in Polacca (First Mesa). He was carving kachina dolls before he was ten years old. During his high school years his paintings and [...]