Bert Seabourn

(1931-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee Bert Seabourn knew he wanted to be an artist when he was in the first grade. In the eighth grade, he sold his first cartoon to King Features Syndicate. While in high school, he would hop a freight train or hitchhike from Purcell to Oklahoma City to visit the Oklahoma Museum [...]

Karin Walkingstick

(?-Present)                                                    Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee Her passion for art began at an early age.  Throughout her life she has explored many types of creative expression, but since her introduction in 2013 she has committed her time exclusively to creating works of pottery. Using techniques inspired by the tradition of her Cherokee ancestors, she honors [...]

Lisa Rutherford

(?-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee Lisa Rutherford (Cherokee Nation) lives on a cattle ranch in Cherokee County, and worked in Cherokee Nation’s tribal administration office for many years before becoming a full-time artist. She is a living history interpreter and has demonstrated cultural arts of the 18th century at many venues, including Colonial Williamsburg, VA, the [...]