Buffy Cordero Suina

(1969-present) Pueblo: Cochiti Elizabeth Buffy Cordero Suina of Cochiti Pueblo learned to make pottery from her famous grandmother, Helen Cordero, and her father George Cordero who both guided the development of her pottery making beginning in 1985. Buffy was strongly influenced her family's style and techniques. She was a good student, who became an excellent [...]

Ivan Lewis

(1919-2001)                                                       Pueblo: Acoma Cochiti Pueblo Ivan Lewis was the son of famous Acoma potter, Lucy M. Lewis. He never made pottery while living at Acoma, and only started making it after marrying Rita and moving to her pueblo of Cochiti. Ivan and Rita were married in 1944 while he was serving in the military. Upon [...]

Rita Lewis

(1920-1991) Pueblo: Cochiti Pueblo                                                                                                                                                                      Rita and Ivan Lewis both learned the art of pottery from their very famous mothers. Rita was the daughter of Ascencion Banada of Cochiti; Ivan was the son of Lucy Martin Lewis of Acoma. Although Ivan grew up around pottery, he did not become interested in creating pottery until [...]