Buffy Cordero Suina

(1969-present) Pueblo: Cochiti Elizabeth Buffy Cordero Suina of Cochiti Pueblo learned to make pottery from her famous grandmother, Helen Cordero, and her father George Cordero who both guided the development of her pottery making beginning in 1985. Buffy was strongly influenced her family's style and techniques. She was a good student, who became an excellent [...]

Laurencita Herrera

(1912–1984) Pueblo: Cochiti Pueblo Laurencita R. Herrera, an active potter from the 1920′s to 1980, has been a long-time favorite pottery by collectors – when they can find an example of her work. She always produced excellent pottery during her productive years. She made not only singing mothers, but polychrome jars and bowls as well. [...]