Bobby Silas

(1987-Present) Pueblo: Hopi Pueblo Tim Edaakie and Bobby Silas specialize in recreating ancestral, prehistoric and historic Zuni Pottery. They collaborate in using the traditional methods from shape, form and design. Bobby and Tim begin by studying the ancestral sherds they find on hikes around the pueblo. They gather natural materials to use in making their [...]

David Dawangyumptewa

(1957-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Hopi As a Hopi artist of the Water Clan, David says he "would like to be thought of as a painter of mythical or spiritual subjects." His magnificent paintings are distinguished by his use of jewel-like colors and Hopi symbolism. David Dawangyumptewa’s path to becoming an artist included stints as a stonemason, [...]

Debbie Clashin

(1969-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Hopi Debbie Clashin, a member of the Hopi-Tewa Tobacco Clan, was born to Lorena and Morris Clashin.  Among her cousins are Dianna and Mark Tahbo, Dorothy Ami, and Larson Goldtooth.  Debbie was exposed to pottery making for much of her life but only began to really learn the art herself around 2010 [...]

Dee Johnson Setalla

(1963- Present)                                             Pueblo: Hopi Pueblo "I am a member of the Hopi Tribe. I was born and raised in Snowbird Canyon, Arizona. Since I am part of the Bear Clan (Mother - Bear Clan) I sign my pottery with a Bear Claw. I first started making pottery around the age of 6 years old. [...]

Grace Navasie

(1953-Present) Pueblo: Hopi Pueblo Grace Navasie, the daughter of Joy Navasie (Frog Woman). The Navasie family is one of the premier Hopi pottery families, and has produced a legacy of potters stemming from the original Frog Woman - Paqua. Joy Navasie has been credited with the development of the white slip pottery style, and as [...]

Harrison Jim (Hopi)

(unknown)                                               Tribal Affiliation: Hopi Harrison Jim Jr. married into the Hopi and it was there he learned to make pottery. His wife Marianne Navasie collaborated with him in design and concept. He was also taught by Joy Navasie, Frogwoman. His pottery is based on traditional Hopi design and imagery, but is quite often carved in [...]

Helen Naha

(1922-1993) Tribal Affiliaiton: Hopi Most Hopi pottery is buff colored or a light yellow cream color. The local clay gathered at Hopi and used by the potters there typically fires to a light yellow cream of buff color. The Navasie family of potters have become highly collectable, not only due to their beautifully formed hand [...]

Jerome Nequatewa

(1979-Present) Pueblo: Hopi and Zuni Pueblo Jerome is half Hopi and half Zuni and lives at the Zuni Pueblo.  His father, Harold Nequatewa, was Zuni and his mother was from the Hopi Pueblo.   Jerome was brought up learning the culture and customs of both pueblos. He was taught to carve by his father, the late [...]

Joy Navasie

(1919 - 2012) Tribal Affiliation: Hopi Joy Navasie was among the most famous of Hopi-Tewa potters. She learned the skill from her famous mother, Paqua Naha, the first Frog Woman.  Joy was born in 1919 and recalls that she started making pottery when she was about 17 years old. During the 1950s, just a few [...]

Kee Yazzie, Jr.

(1969-Present)                                             Tribal Affiliation: Hopi and Navajo Kee is Hopi and Navajo... he draws upon these two Southwest Native American cultures to create his designs. Kee Yazzie, Jr. brings much life experience to his jewelry making, which in turn, gives his jewelry a special depth.  Kee went to school in Provo, Utah where he studied [...]

Marianne Navasie

(1951-2007) Tribal Affiliation: Hopi Marianne Navasie was the daughter of famed Hopi Potter, Joy Navasie and the granddaughter of world renowned Paqua Naha, the original Frog Woman. She was married to Harrison Jim, who painted and created pottery with Marianne featuring carved reliefs and Hopi traditional designs. Her sister, Grace Navasie, is also a promenent [...]

Marlin Honhongva

(1977-Present)                                                                          Tribal Affiliation: Hopi   Marlin Honhongva was born into the Badger and Butterfly Clan of Hopi. He began his art career as a carver of wonderful katsina and has been in exhibitions since 2004. His very talented award winning family influenced his interest in carving: He was born to Sherian Honhongva (jeweler) and Orrin [...]

Paqua Naha Old Frog Woman

(Circa 1890- 1955) Tribal Affiliation: Hopi  Paqua Naha is more commonly known as the “Old Frog Woman.”  She was the first to sign her pottery with her frog hallmark, as Paqua means frog in Hopi. As the matriarch of the famed Naha/Navasie family of potters (many of whom have adopted some variation of her frog [...]