Cliff Fragua

(1955-current) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo Cliff Fragua is a Jemez Pueblo sculptor and stone carver. He is the only Native American sculptor to have a work installed in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol:  Po'Pay Statue Commissioned by State of New Mexico for U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall, 2000. Cliff comes from a family of [...]

Dominique Toya

(1971-Present) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo “I am a traditional potter with contemporary designs and techniques. By traditional I mean we gather our own clay and temper and we clean them and mix them and fire outdoors with cedar wood.” Dominique Toya is a member of the Corn Clan and has been making pottery since the age [...]

Geraldine Sandia

(1950- present) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo Geraldine Sandia was born into the Jemez Pueblo in 1950 and  began to work with clay around the age of 10. She was inspired to learn and continue the long lived tradition of working with clay from her mother Cecilia Loretto, who taught Geraldine the fundamentals and shared with her [...]

J. C.

(unknown)                                                       Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo No information about this artist is available at this time. Research is ongoing.

J. Herenz

(Unknown) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo There is no information for this artist at this time. Research is ongoing.

Juanita Fragua

(1935-present) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo Juanita Fragua, seventh of nine children, is one of the foremost potters responsible for the renaissance of Jemez pottery. She has been making traditional pottery for over 60 years, beginning at a time when sun-dried poster-painted pottery was the norm at Jemez Pueblo. A member of the corn clan, Juanita often [...]

Marcella Yepa

(1964-Present) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo /  Chickasaw Tribe Marcella Yepa, a member of the Sun Clan, began working with clay at the age of 19.  She was inspired to learn the art of working with clay from her aunt, Alvina Yepa and her grandmother, Felipita Yepa.  It was her grandmother who shared with her the fundamentals [...]