Evelyn Cheromiah

(1928- 2013) Pueblo: Laguna Pueblo Evelyn Cheromiah, early in her career during the early 1970s, was one of the few potters active in pottery making at Laguna. She worked under a federal grant for a period, helping to teach other Laguna people the art, history and techniques of pottery making. Once during an interview, Cheromiah [...]

Hazel Riley

(1910-2001)                                                        Pueblo: Laguna Pueblo Hazel Siow Riley was married Roger Riley Sr. and lived in a house south of the old Laguna church, which is still there today. They had eight children. Malaina Kelley, Hazel's granddaughter, shared some  memories of her grandmother with me: “While my mother worked for the tribal building, my grandmother [...]

Ken Romero

(1956-Present) Pueblos: Taos and Laguna Pueblos Ken is a full-time contemporary jewelry artist, working in the arts for over two decades. His work has been described as being 'Contemporary in Traditional Native Design.'  He has an Associate of Fine Arts Degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts and a BA from the California College [...]

Myron Sarracino

(1967-Present) Pueblo: Laguna Pueblo Myron Sarracino, “Kaa Ooa Dinn Naa”, began hand coiling pottery in 1984 at the age of 17. He  was inspired to continue the long  tradition of hand coiling pottery by Verna Soloman (friend), Thelma and Sandy Sarracino (grandparents), and his friend and teacher, the famous, “Gladys Paquin”.  She taught him all [...]

Stacey Carr

(1969- Present) Pueblo: Laguna Pueblo Stacey attended The University of New Mexico, majoring in biology.  He still lives in the Laguna area. He learned the art of pottery making from his ex-wife and her parents. It was from them he learned to find the clay which would make good pottery. He learned how to soak, [...]