Alfred Aguilar

(1933-Present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Alfred Aguilar, potter and painter, is the son of Rosalie and José Aguilar, famous potters of the past.  He is best known for his pottery buffalo figurines and pottery nacimientos sets, although he also makes the traditional black and red ware known to San Ildefonzo.  After serving in the Air [...]

Barbara Gonzales

(1947-present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Barbara Gonzales, Tahn Moo Whe, from San Ildefonso Pueblo is an excellent potter and an extension of her famous great-grandmother, Maria Martinez, and her grandparents, Adam and Santana Martinez. Her mother, Anita Martinez, was also a potter. Drawing on the traditions of her family, she expanded this tradition by personalizing [...]

Carlos Sunrise Dunlap, Jr.

(1958-1981)                                                  Pueblo: San Ildefonso Pueblo Carlos Dunlap, Jr. was the son of Carmelita Dunlap, a niece of Maria Martinez and a very noted potter from San Ildefonso. Carlos soaring career was tragically cut short by his death in 1981 from an auto accident.  He began is pottery career at a very early age painting [...]

Carmelita Dunlap

(1925 - 2000) Pueblo: San Ildefonso Pueblo Carmelita Dunlap was the niece of Maria Martinez, who is considered the institution of San Ildefonso pottery. Carmelita learned pottery making by watching her aunts Maria and Desideria Montoya. Since her own mother passed away when she was very young, her aunts raised her from then on. Carmelita [...]

Erik Fender

(1970-Present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Erik Than Tsideh Fender specializes in traditional and contemporary black ware pottery. He began working with clay at age ten after watching his grandmother, Carmelita Dunlap, and his mother, Martha Appleleaf, as they  would hand coil and hand paint  traditional black -on-black pottery. As he grew older, he started to [...]

Ian Fender

(1997-Present)                                                  Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Ian is one of today’s emerging artists. His family is well known for their accomplishments and recognition in making beautiful pottery. His father is Erik Fender; his grandmother is Martha Appleleaf; and his great-grandmother is Carmelita Dunlap – all outstanding award winner at Indian Market as well as other competitions. [...]

Josephine and Albert Vigil

(1927-Unknown) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Albert and Josephine Vigil are a husband and wife pottery team. Albert Vigil was born in 1927 and is the nephew of Maria Martinez and Clara Montoya. He is the son of painter Romando Vigil, one of the members of the San Ildefonso School of watercolor artists. Josephine Cordova Vigil [...]

Maria Martinez

(1887-1980) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Few artists can claim the worldwide honor and fame bestowed upon Maria Montoya Poveka Martinez - Pond Lily during her lifetime. This modest, traditional, Pueblo woman received honorary degrees from major universities, countless medals and citations from governments and institutions, and special invitations to the White House from four different [...]

Martha Appleleaf

(1950-Present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Martha Appleleaf is the daughter of Carmelita Dunlap (who was a niece of the famous Maria Martinez).  Martha has been an active potter since 1970. She and her son, Erik Fender, are both featured in Rick Dillingham’s book  Fourteen Families. She has taken 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons at [...]

Michael Aguilar

(1978-Present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Michael Aguilar is a very talented award winning artist who quite often works with his father, Alfred Aguilar, to create beautiful paintings and pottery.  He has exhibited and won awards at several competitions, including Santa Fe Indian Market and the Eight Northern Indian Pueblos Arts and Crafts Show. Currently, Aguilar [...]

Rose Gonzales

(1900-1989) Pueblo: San Ildefonso Pueblo Rose Gonzales was one of the early innovators of deeply carved pottery at San Ildefonso Pueblo in the 1930's. She was originally from San Juan Pueblo and married Robert Gonzales in 1920. Her carved pottery was a cameo in appearance, as it is not deep and ends on the sharp [...]

Russell Sanchez

Russell Sanchez has been called one of the most talented, innovative, and respected pottery and clay artists of today, He is often considered a master of combining different techniques to create unique and wonderful pieces of art. His pieces often include deep carvings, high polish, fine etchings, painting, and inset stones or heishi. One thing [...]

Talyn Kewanletzema

(2010-Present)                                                  Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Talyn is the grandson of Erik Fender. This young man is learning to make pottery in the family tradition from some of the very best potters of our time. He is only five, but he has begun creating and painting his own style of pottery.

Yellowbird – Jose Victor Aguilar

(1945-Present) Pueblo: San Ildefonzo Pueblo Yellowbird – Jose Victor Aguilar is the son of Rosalie Simbola and Joe Aguilar, both famous potters and artists from San Ildefonzo. Jose Victor chose to use the name “Yellowbird” when he signed his pottery in honor of his father, who also signed as Yellowbird. He has exhibited at the [...]