L. Maestas

(Unknown) Pueblo: San Juan Ohkey Owingeh Pueblo Currently there is no information for this artist. Research is ongoing.

Myrtle Cata

(1953-Present) Pueblo: San Felipe/San Juan Ohkey Owingeh Pueblo In their book, Southwestern Pottery, Allen Hayes and John Blom state Myrtle Cata’s plain war “in some ways echoes earlier times at San Juan. It’s thin, graceful and undecorated, a result of the ever-escalating sophistication among the best potters from all the pueblos.” (126) Myrtle Cata is [...]

Tomasita Montoya

(1899-1978)                                    Pueblo: San Juan Ohkey Owingeh Pueblo Tomasita Montoya was one of the original seven potters in the 1930's "San Juan Revival." In 1930 Regina Cata organized a pottery study group at San Juan Pueblo with the intent of revitalizing pottery production. The group studied ancient potsherds of wares made at San Juan in earlier [...]

Virginia Garcia

(1963-Present) Pueblo: Santa Clara/ San JuanOhkay Owingeh Pueblo Virginia Garcia was born in 1963 and has been making pottery since 1987. She specializes in water jars and bowls with bear paws, usually in red, but also in black and dark plum. She is self -taught artist that has won awards at Santa Fe Indian Market [...]