Althea Cajero

 (1964-Present) Pueblo: Acoma Pueblo and Kewa Pueblo Althea Cajero designs and makes elegant jewelry which can be worn as every day pieces as well as for special occasions. In 2013, Althea Cajero and her husband Joe Cajero were named Living Treasures by the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture, a great honor for any artist, [...]

Jolene Bird

(1963-Present) Pueblo: Santo Domingo Kewa Pueblo Jolene Bird is an accomplished artist who learned her craft from her grandfather. She specializes creating inlaid mosaic works of art. After studying at the prestigious Poeh Institute in Santa Fe, Jolene continues to refine her craft by selecting only the finest raw materials and then cutting, carving and [...]

Lester Abeyta

(1977-Present) Pueblo: Santo Domingo-Kewa Pueblo Lester Abeyta lives in Kewa Pueblo—formerly known as Santo Domingo Pueblo-- in northern New Mexico. His first teachers of the art of jewelry making were his father, Richard Abeyta, and his mother, Delia Abeyta, both gifted artists themselves. His father learned from his father, Mariano Abeyta, in a tradition that [...]

Mary and Rudy Coriz

(?-Present) Pueblo: Santa Domingo Tewa Pueblo Mary and Rudy Coriz are a husband and wife jewelry team from Santo Domingo Pueblo. They are famous for their inlaid earrings and necklaces. Their jewelry features a wide variety of stones and shells arranged in interesting designs and color patterns. Theirs is a style that is easily identifiable [...]

Rafaelita Aguilar

(1936-Present) Pueblo: Santo Domingo Kewa Pueblo Born in 1936 and she learned the art of working with clay from her mother, Miguelita Aguila. Rafaelita has been creating pottery since 1953 and follows the traditional methods for creating pottery of the Aguilar family, which began in the early 1900’s. She harvests the clay on the Pueblo [...]

Tony Aguilar

(1919-2002) Pueblo: Santa Domingo Kewa Pueblo Tony Aguilar was born into a family of jewelers including his own father and his uncle, Vidal Aragon. He learned silversmithing from a Navajo jeweler while he attended the Santa Fe Indian School.  As the president of his class at the Indian School, Tony entered the United States Army [...]