Bob Bell

(1926- 2002) Tribal Affiliation: Choctaw Bob Bell was born to Judge and Mrs. Robert J. Bell, Sr. during the pre-depression years at McAlester, Oklahoma. Bell grew up with a love and respect for animals and the heritage he portrayed in his original bronzes. After graduating from the Oklahoma Military Academy, Bell served with the United [...]

Carol Bell

(1928-2004) Carol Marshall Bell attended the University of Oklahoma where she majored in art education. She was married to Jack Marshall, Sr. from 1950 to 1976, and together they raised four children. Carol taught art at Putnam City West High School until 1977 when she married Bob Bell. They made their home on the Bell [...]

Cliff Fragua

(1955-current) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo Cliff Fragua is a Jemez Pueblo sculptor and stone carver. He is the only Native American sculptor to have a work installed in Statuary Hall of the United States Capitol:  Po'Pay Statue Commissioned by State of New Mexico for U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Hall, 2000. Cliff comes from a family of [...]

Clint Cross

(1965 - Present)        Tribal Affiliation: Sokoki Band of the  Abenaki Nation of the Missisquoi “That’s where the fun is - digging in the ground.” A member of the Sokoki Band of the Missiquoi Abenaki Nation, sometimes referred to as the North Eastern Abenaki, Clint Cross has a mining and gem cutting background. Clint has been prospecting and mining [...]

David K. John

(?-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo David grew up hearing the stories and teachings of his homeland. In his art, John expresses his own interpretations of his childhood learning with the utmost care and respect. Following his graduation, John returned to his home in Keams Canyon, and what he had learned at his grandfather's knee came flooding [...]

Jeff Shetima

(?-Present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo As wonderful as Jeff Shetima carvings are, they are not Zuni fetishes in the true sense of the word. Shetima’s carvings are better described as stone sculptures of animals depicted in their own surroundings. The animals depicted in his carvings have fine facial expressions and show the muscularity and motion. Many [...]

Jerome Nequatewa

(1979-Present) Pueblo: Hopi and Zuni Pueblo Jerome is half Hopi and half Zuni and lives at the Zuni Pueblo.  His father, Harold Nequatewa, was Zuni and his mother was from the Hopi Pueblo.   Jerome was brought up learning the culture and customs of both pueblos. He was taught to carve by his father, the late [...]

Joe Cajero

(1970-Present) Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo “It seems I’ve been developing my skills in clay to lead me to work in bronze, and working with bronze has enhanced my skills with natural clay.” Joe Cajero, Jr. Joe Cajero, Jr. was raised in the Pueblo of Jemez. While growing up, Joe listened to the wonderful stories his grandmother [...]

Kelly Haney

(1940 –present) Tribal Affiliation: Seminole/ Creek Enoch Kelly Haney was born on November 12, 1940 in Seminole, Oklahoma. His father, Woodrow Haney, was a flute maker and craftsman and his paternal grandfather, Willie Haney, contributed to the Smithsonian Institution's oral history project. After obtaining his degree from Oklahoma City University, Kelly attended the University of [...]

Kim Seyesnem Obrzut

(1969-Present)                                           Tribal Affiliation: Hopi Master artist Kim Obrzut first began producing her iconic Hopi maidens over twenty years ago. Originally working in the traditional scrape-and-smooth method that Hopi potters have used for thousands of years—including her own family ancestors—it wasn’t long before she transitioned into bronze. Employing her degree in Fine Arts from Northern Arizona [...]

Neal David, Sr.

(1944- Present) Tribal Affiliation: Hopi                                                                                                                                                                        Neil David Sr. was born in 1944 at Tewa Village (Hano) atop First Mesa. He has been an active carver since the 1950s. He resides in Polacca (First Mesa). He was carving kachina dolls before he was ten years old. During his high school years his paintings and [...]

Ned Archuleta

(1961- Present) Pueblo: Taos Pueblo Ned Archuleta of Taos Pueblo, sculpts elegant works in alabaster that are sensitive statements about day to day Tiwa life. His gracefully flowing sculptures reflect the symmetry of life and art between a man and his creative self. Archuleta was born and raised at Taos Pueblo from where he draws [...]

Troy Anderson

(1948- Present)                                                   Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee Troy Anderson is a Master Artist of the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, a title which he quite deserves.  Seen as an early leader in the development of western and southwestern art, Troy has been featured in many magazines including Southwest Art Magazine. Working primarily in acrylic, he is equally adept [...]

Upton (Greyshoes) Ethelbah, Jr.

(1949-Present)  Pueblo: Santa Clara and White Mountain Apache Greyshoes (Upton S. Ethelbah, Jr) is an award-winning stone and bronze sculptor whose work enjoys worldwide acclaim. Greyshoes’ contemporary style draws inspiration from the traditional and ceremonial aesthetic of his Santa Clara and White Mountain Apache heritage. Greyshoes sculpts contemporary, stylized, and flowing forms inspired by the [...]