Gary Montgomery

(1950-) Tribal Affiliation: Seminole Gary Montgomery was looking towards a career in baseball, until he broke his arm in high school. He subsequently changed his focus towards art, turning toward the naturalistic and representational paintings of "Romantic Realism". Montgomery says, "I paint the omens, legends and truths of the Native American in an environment of [...]

Jerome Tiger

(1941 - 1967) Tribal Affiliation: Creek  Seminole Jerome Tiger’s legacy has been a body of exquisite art work, which for its time, revolutionized American Indian art. The success and genius of Tiger's art can be attributed to what was called the Tiger style--a unique combination of spiritual vision, humane understanding, and technical virtuosity. Although his [...]

Richard Rippel

(1945- Present) Tribal Affiliation: Seminole Richard C. Rippel served in the US Navy on a submarine until 1964. He was assistant art director at channel 4 in Jackson Florida through the late 1960s. He created several oil and acrylic paintings as well as pencil sketches.