Angie Yazzie

(1965-Present) Pueblo: Taos Pueblo Angie Yazzie is known for her egg-shell thin pieces with beautiful shapes, which are among the best micaceous pottery being made today.  Micaceous pottery has a special glow due to the mica that naturally occurs in the Northern New Mexico clay.  Mica helps hold liquids when clay vessels are used for [...]

Debbie Lujan

(1970-Present) Pueblo: Taos Pueblo Debbie developed an early interest in photography when her father gave her a Minolta camera when she was a teenager. She never dreamed that her hobby would turn into her life’s passion. Her primary subject is her home of Taos Pueblo. Her aim is to showcase the subtitles and contrasts of [...]

Ken Romero

(1956-Present) Pueblos: Taos and Laguna Pueblos Ken is a full-time contemporary jewelry artist, working in the arts for over two decades. His work has been described as being 'Contemporary in Traditional Native Design.'  He has an Associate of Fine Arts Degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts and a BA from the California College [...]

Margaret Trujillo

(Unknown) Pueblo: Taos Pueblo Margaret Trujillo created striking micaceous pottery using strong simple forms enhanced by fire clouds. It is the traditional pottery from Taos dating to the mid-1500s; it is what she was known for creating. She won several awards for her pottery. She and Henry Lujan were married at Taos in 1946 where [...]

Rowena Romero Gibson

(?-Present ) Pueblo: Taos Pueblo     Rowena Gibson is the daughter of award-winning potter, Edna Naranjo Romero. They quite often participate together in juried competitions, such Santa Fe Indian Market.  Both mother and daughter’s micaceous pottery were exhibited at the 2015 Indian Market, and most recently at the 2017 Santa Fe Indian Market. Rowena learned [...]

Virginia T. Romero

(1896 - c.1998) Pueblo: Taos Pueblo Nobody taught me how to make pottery. My mother made pots. I used to cook and do housework, but I saw her make them. I never thought I would touch the clay. Then one day my husband and my father went for clay. My father gave me a bag [...]