Marie Begay

(1942- Present) Tribal Affiliation: Navajo She is the grand-niece of Ancita Yazzie. During the summer months she and her husband move to Pine Springs for his job. But they live with her mother’s people at Ganado during the winter months, as is the custom for women and their husbands to live with the wife’s mother. [...]

Lula Lameman

(?-Present)                                  Tribal Affiliation: Navajo No information is available for this artist at present. Research is ongoing.

Lisa Rutherford

(?-Present) Tribal Affiliation: Cherokee Lisa Rutherford (Cherokee Nation) lives on a cattle ranch in Cherokee County, and worked in Cherokee Nation’s tribal administration office for many years before becoming a full-time artist. She is a living history interpreter and has demonstrated cultural arts of the 18th century at many venues, including Colonial Williamsburg, VA, the [...]

Freda Reed

(?- Present) Pueblo: Navajo Pueblo No information is available for this artist at this time. Research is ongoing.