The Harmonious Blend of Embedded Music

One of my very favorite things to do early in the morning is to take a fresh, hot cup of coffee into my Gallery and soak in the good vibes.  It is a peaceful and calm way for me to greet the morning. Typically, my eyes wander around the room, briefly lighting upon different pieces … Read More

Digging in the Dirt at the Molly Kathleen Gold Mine

Mother Nature provides abundant bounty above the ground, nourishing us with food and drink, providing shelter, and creating natural splendors that cause me to gasp in awe.  Hidden below the surface, however, is another abundance of gifts. From the earliest days, man has scratched below the surface to uncover the treasures below.  Sometimes it was … Read More

Another Perspective on Santa Fe’s History

Santa Fe has been around for a long time, though it gained a greater prominence when Spanish Conquistadors arrived in approximately 1540 and established a regional governmental presence.  Today, Santa Fe serves as the State Capitol of New Mexico, though for the past hundred years it has also produced a vibrant artist movement. In many … Read More

Canyon de Chelly National Monument, Arizona

One of the iconic spots to visit for those interested in First American history is Canyon de Chelly (Tseyi’ in Navajo) in Arizona.  I remember taking trips with my family when I was a small girl, and today the experience is even greater as I have a better understanding of the culture and lives of … Read More

Zuni Pueblo

The Zuni pueblo is located in southwest New Mexico, about an hour south of Gallup.  Residents here claim (along with the Taos pueblo) to be the longest inhabited pueblo.  I won’t get into that discussion; let’s just say that both pueblos have been continuously inhabited for about 10 centuries and let it go at that. … Read More