Eleanor Pino Griego

( 1953-Present) Pueblo: Zia Pueblo Eleanor Pino-Griego is one of Zia Pueblo's best-known potters. She is of the Coyote/Sage Brush Clans and has been an active potter since the 1970s working with traditional polychrome jars, bowls and vases. Ascension Galvan Pino, her grandmother, and Laura Pino, her mother, taught her. She is also the sister [...]

Eusebia Shije

(1936 - Present) Pueblo: Zia Pueblo Eusebia Toribio Shije, Zia Pueblo has been creating magnificent works of art in pottery for over 60 years. Eusebia is the sister of Teresita Galvin and mother-in-law of Adrienne Shije. She has won numerous awards as a variety of juried competitions. She won the award for Best Traditional Zia [...]

Gloria Gachupin

(1940-Present)                                             Pueblo: Zia Pueblo Gloria Gachupin (Chinana) was active in the 1970s and beyond. She created traditional polychrome ollas, jars and bowls using her favorite designs of roadrunners, plants, rainbows, and clouds – the traditional designs of Zia.  Gloria participated in the exhibition of "One Space: Three Visions", Albuquerque Museum, Albuquerque New Mexico. There were [...]

Helen Gachupin

(1931-1999) Pueblo: Zia Pueblo Helen most likely grew up watching her famous grandmother, Rosalie Medina Toribio, making pottery, but she really learned the basics of the traditional art from her mother. Through her life Helen made traditional polychrome jars, storage ollas and bowls. She was known for her traditional pottery and use of traditional designs. [...]

Sofia Pino Medina

(1932 - 2010) Pueblo: Zia Pueblo Sofia Pino Medina was trained by her grandmother-in-law, Trinidad Medina, who encouraged her to create in traditional styles and sizes; providing some of the largest Zia vessels in the second-half of the 20th century. Trinidad taught her the fundamentals of pottery making. Sofia began making pottery in 1963 and [...]