Sandra Quandelacy

(?-Present)                           Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Sandra Quandelacy is noted for her beautiful Zuni fetish Corn Maiden carvings… both as table fetishes and necklaces.  Sandra is the sister of Faye Quandelacy’s and Kateri Sanchez’s aunt.  Sandra started carving as a child and then turned to jewelry making as an adult. Learning from her mother, Ellen and father, [...]

A Look At Zuni Fetish Carvings

Zuni fetishes are small stone animal carvings that are made by the talented artisans of Zuni Pueblo.  In the Zuni culture, the fetish carvings represent the animal spirit thought to reside in the stone. Initially fetishes were likely found stones that had the rudimentary shape of an animal.  Arrowheads were placed on the stones with [...]

Ricky Laahty

(1962- Present)                                            Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Ricky Laahty is a well-known carver of whimsical frog fetishes made from interesting stone and shell, as well as several other animal figures. He is the son of Morris Laahty, a talented inlay Zuni jeweler, who died in 1987. Ricky's mother, Sadie Laahty, is a niece of Leeka Deyuse. Ricky [...]

Ellen Quandelacy

(1924-2002)                     Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Known as both a fetish carver and a jeweler, Ellen Quandelacy learned to carve from her father, Johnny Quam. Her sister, Annie Gasper Quam, was a well-known jeweler. Ellen had four daughters (Albenita, Faye, Sandra and Georgia) and six sons (Andres, Avery, Barlow, Dickie, Wilmer, and Stewart), most of whom are [...]

Jonas Hustito

(1984-Present)                                             Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Jonas is the son of Clive and Karen Bobelu Hustito and is a member of the Hustito-Lowsayatee family of Zuni fetish carvers. Jonas prefers carving smaller items, as he is quite busy taking classes at UNM.

Burt Awelagte

(?-Present)                                      Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Burt Awelagte is a young and creative Zuni fetish carver who learned the art of carving from his extended family, including Gibbs Otole and Joseph Quam. Burt carves bears and big horn sheep, wolves among other animals from turquoise, wild horse marble, jet, serpentine, and denim lapis stone. . When he [...]

Brian Yatsattie

(1971- Present)                                                       Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Brian comes from a family of jewelry artisans. His mother, Janta Yatsattie, was known for her petit-point jewelry. He began his artistic career as a painter.  In 1989 Brian began carving because "it looked like fun." In 1992 he moved to San Felipe Pueblo and is now teaching others [...]

Enrike Leekya

(1987-Present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Enrike Leekya comes from one of the most cherished families of Zuni carvers. He has a very distinct style that is very detailed and often humorous. Enrike Leekya is the great-grandson of famous fetish carver Leekya Deyuse, who requested that all of his children take his first name as their surname. [...]

Daryl Shack

(1973-Present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo "I am Daryl Shack, Sr. and my wife, Shelley and I have two wonderful children, Darral Hope and Daryl, Jr. Our home is located on the site of the former Zuni village, Halona wa (which means (Red Ant Hill.) My family is heavily involved with the Ant Medicine Fraternity and my upbringing [...]

Robert Michael Weahkee

(?-Present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Robert Weahkee is the great grandson of Teddy Weahkee.  Robert Weahkee takes great pride in his Zuni carving heritage and began carving professionally when he was about 15 years old. He started his career by carving old style, Zuni alter dolls. As the name suggests, alter dolls have religious meaning to [...]

Evalena Boone

(1969- Present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Evalena Boone learned carving techniques from her mother Lena and other Weahkee family members. Evalena has a bold style in creating traditional Zuni fetishes. She uses a variety of stone for her appealing fetishes, including Picasso marble, dolomite, jasper, Murano glass and slag. Evalena is part of the well-known Teddey [...]

Meagan Shetima

(1997-Present) Pueblo: Zuni Pueblo Meagan Shetima is an up and coming carver at Zuni Pueblo. She is just in her second year of carving, having started carving while she was just sixteen. Meagan is the niece of Jeff Shetima, one of the preeminent carvers of today. She is inspired by watching and learning from her [...]