40 Days of Giveaways!

Sigh! We completed our 40 Days of Giveaways on May 20, and wish to offer our congratulations to our winners, and also our heartiest THANKS to those of you who thought good things about the Rabbit. The Birthday Celebration continues during this Year of The Dancing Rabbit, so stay tuned for new, exciting events, specials, and parties! Easiest way to do so – sign up for our FREE Stay In The Know monthly newsletter on our Home Page.


By the way, there are several 40 Days of Giveaways winners who haven’t yet contacted us with their mailing addresses for their prizes. As of the end of May, we are going to have SUPPLEMENTAL DRAWINGS to award those prizes to other lucky Rabbit fans. If you want to check the list of winners, just scroll down and click Birthday Winners for a complete list.


If you want in on the supplemental drawings, and neglected to register for the first party, you can do so up until May 31, 2020. Same rules as the first set of drawings.

Yes, prior winners are eligible to win again, and everyone who registered the first time is also eligible to win a supplemental drawing. Yay!

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Important Events In Our History

  • May 20, 1980

    Original Sales Tax Permit

    The Dancing Rabbit Gallery established as a Texas sole proprietorship

  • June, 1980

    June, 1980

    Pat and Jo McClain begin selling at local art shows around North Texas and Oklahoma

  • Early 1980s

    Early 1980s

    Expansion of the Gallery from Oklahoma fine art to Southwestern pottery, jewelry, rugs, and baskets

  • 1982


    Mom and Dad purchase small second home in Santa Fe to be closer to their Native American artist friends

  • September, 1985

    The first long distance “road trip” show to San Antonio – six hours away!

  • 1991

    Mom and Dad attended Rita Lewis’ funeral in Cochiti Pueblo

  • 1992

    Mom and Dad attended Lucy Lewis’ funeral in Acoma Pueblo

  • 1999

    Gallery divided among three McClain siblings

  • 2000-2010

    Overall market for Native American art declines dramatically

  • 2002

    Jamie attended Bob Bell’s funeral

  • 2012

    Katie and Michael decide to take the Gallery online only as a Texas LLC

  • 2013

    Expansion of the Gallery into Matriarch lineages for pottery

  • 2014

    International publication of “Tales of The Dancing Rabbit” book

  • 2015

    First national advertising in Native American Arts magazine

  • 2016

    Rabbit “road trip” exhibiting at Old West Show in Fort Worth

  • 2017

    Attended first estate sale in Arkansas

  • 2018

    Rabbit long distance “road trip” exhibiting at Old West Show in Santa Fe

  • 2019

    Two month Gallery exhibition at the Lancaster Art Center in Grapevine, Texas

  • 2020


    Year of The Dancing Rabbit – 40th Birthday Celebration!!!

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