Albert Lee Royston Turquoise Ring


Item Number: DR 1395
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Albert Lee
Medium: Sterling silver and Royston turquoise
Age: 2018
Dimensions: The cabochon is 1 ¼” x ¾”. It weighs 14 grams and is a size 8.


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Albert Lee jewelry will never be mistaken for old Navajo jewelry. While Albert clearly pays homage to traditional Navajo designs, he transforms them into modern masterpieces using extremely fine, rare turquoise, which is hand cut and polished.

The Royston turquoise cabochon is the focal point and highlight of this magnificent ring. The stone is set in a sterling silver bezel. This ring has a four-wire shank of sterling silver with two sterling silver accent beads on each side at the top of the ring shank.  The sterling silver raindrop beads and the bezel accent the beautiful swirling green – blue colorations of the turquoise and matrix. This ring would make a wonderful companion to DR 1378, Albert’s Royston cuff because the stones were cut from the same piece of turquoise.

Turquoise coming from the Royston mine in Tonopah, Nevada is some of the most striking, unusual turquoise in the world. The mine produces turquoise in a rainbow of shades, ranging from bright aqua to dark sea green. Royston turquoise features a dramatic array of webbing patterns and thick craggy veining that ranges from creamy hues to rich topaz colors.   Royston turquoise is some of the most spectacular turquoise on earth.