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Cliff Fragua White Bird Sculpture


Item Number: DR 3158
Pueblo: Jemez Pueblo
Artist: Cliff Fragua
Medium: Black marble, white marble, and alabaster
Age: 2022
Dimensions: 16 ½” by 3 ½” by 3 ½”


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This is one in a series of bird sculptures created by famed Jemez Pueblo artist Cliff Fragua. This marvelous crow is carved from a beautiful white marble and sits on a plinth of highly polished black marble with a base of alabaster. Cliff laminates various marbles from around the United States and the world to create his majestic sculptures. He listens to the each of the stones as he incorporates the pieces together to tell the story.

In this beautiful piece, Cliff incorporates the symbolism of the crow: it is revered as the sacred keeper of law; an oracle of divination and magic; and a symbol of rebirth and change. These birds are powerful spirit guides and the message of their medicine should not be ignored.

The intelligence of crows is usually portrayed as their most important feature.  Research has shown that they are capable of remembering faces. The crow recognizes those who are kind to him. They are part of the song bird family although not known for singing.

The name of Cliff’s studio, Singing Stone Studio, reflects the ringing, or singing Cliff hears from the stones and his love for his family, culture and community.

Condition: Excellent- original condition – new.
Provenance: Acquired from Cliff.