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Dorothy Ashley Coral Cluster Pendant


Item Number: DR 1488
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Dorothy Ashley
Medium: Sterling silver and Mediterranean coral
Dimensions: 2 ¾” long (including the bail)  and 1” wide



This is a lovely cluster pendant featuring deep Mediterranean coral cabochons set in sterling silver. The thirteen coral stones are cut in shapes of rounds and tear drops. The beautiful coral stones are set with straight bezels on an oxidized background, which accents their magnificent color.  The center of the pendant contains a larger oval cabochon. The entire pendant is surrounded by sterling silver wire accented with small raindrops and curls. The bail on the pendant is stamped with triangular designs and is large enough for a collar or chain.

This is a perfect piece to add to your collection of beautiful Mediterranean coral jewelry. It matches in design and color of coral to DR 1490 which is a beautiful coral ring by the same artist.


Condition: Excellent- original condition.
Provenance: Acquired from a private collector.