Turquoise Heishi Necklace


Item Number: DR 1206
Pueblo: Santo Domingo Kewa Pueblo
Artist: Unsigned
Age: Circa 1950s
Medium: Turquoise and sterling silver
Dimensions: 14 ½” in length



This is a lovely strand of turquoise Heishi which has been expertly shaped into a wonderful smooth serpentine feel. The beads just glide as they slide through your hands. This choker has not been restrung and is still on the original cotton. The largest beads are ¼” wide and taper slightly at the clasp. This lovely necklace weighs 22 grams.

The process of creating Heishi made of any natural material takes great skill and lots of patience, even in the hands of an expert craftsman  Creating a strand of Heishi is very delicate time consuming work for many pieces are broken during the smoothing process. It is a labor of love to produce a beautiful piece of Heishi.

Condition: Excellent- Original condition
Provenance: Purchased from a gentleman in Arizona

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Weight 2 oz