Harrison Jim Tufa Cast Inlaid Cuff


Item Number: DR 1232
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Harrison Jim (Navajo)
Medium: Sterling Silver. Mediterranean Coral, and Turquoise
Age: 2014
Dimensions: 5 ½” plus a gap of 1 ½” for a total of 7”; 1 1/8” wide; weighs 91 grams



This gorgeous cuff is tufa cast, meaning the design was carved into a volcanic tufa rock and silver poured in. Navajo silversmith Harrison Jim (Navajo) puzzles the stones together in a mosaic cobblestone style. You will love the way the thick and skinny cuts come together. All of the gemstones are surrounded by heavy sterling silver that has been made using tufa casting techniques. The silver is finished with a natural rock grain texture. The stones flow into six cut out arrowheads. All of Harrison’s work is unique, but his inlay pieces are always very special. This bracelet is a wonderful example of why his is work is so popular.

Condition: Excellent – original condition
Provenance: Acquired through a collector in New Mexico

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Weight 3 oz