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Single Heishi Strand


Item Number: DR 1252
Pueblo: Santo Domingo Kewa Pueblo
Artist: Unknown
Medium: Shell heishi
Age: 1940s
Dimensions: 24 1/2″ long with an extra 4 1/2″ of string



Beautiful tiny hand rolled shell heishi stand alternating with brown olive shells and cream shells. This strand is strung with its original string and is tied on the ends, just as it came when purchased in the 1960s.  This heishi glides through the fingers just like silk; it is so finely hand-rolled.

This necklace is quite striking in its simplicity and would look beautiful alone or paired with #1242- the single strand heishi with the large turquoise cabochon.I believe the two were purchased at the same time and made by the same artist, as the heishi is the same size and has the same delicate smooth feel.

Condition: Excellent- original condition
Provenance:  Maintained in my private family collection since purchased from the artist. (Both DR1242 and DR 1252 were purchased at the same time.

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Weight 1 oz