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Coral Shadowbox Cuff


Item Number: DR 1320
Tribal Affiliation: Navajo
Artist: Wilbert Muskett
Medium: Sterling silver and coral
Age: 2016
Dimensions: 5 ¼” pus a gap of 1 ¼” for a total of 6 ½” – 1 ¼” wide



This gorgeous bracelet with six Mediterranean coral cabochons is set in a sterling silver band. Each of the six cabochons are set in serrated bezels and are surrounded by beautiful sterling silver rain drops. There are scalloped lines carved around the cuff to enhance this beautiful shadowbox design of this bracelet. The shadowbox form is accented with oxidized silver to contrast with the beautiful color of the coral. This cuff is very comfortable and would add nice accent color to any outfit.

Shadowbox is a common jewelry technique used by Navajo and other Native American silversmiths to add interest and layering to a piece of jewelry. The shadowbox technique consists of a cutout top layer that is usually domed and that is soldered to a solid bottom layer. The bottom layer might be left bright silver or oxidized to give a dark contrast to the cutout design. Stones are often set into the shadowbox – some artists let the stones protrude somewhat out of the top of the shadowbox and others use stones that when set are flush with the cutout layer.

Condition: Excellent  – original new condition
Provenance: Acquired from a gentleman in New Mexico

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Weight 4 oz